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We service offices interested in decreasing their environmental footprint by implementing solutions specific to the needs of each office.  We aim to help you decrease your landfill waste and single-use plastic use, without disrupting work flow, all while saving the office money.  Reuse is the new Recycle.  Schedule your office consultation, presentation or hands-on workshop today.


Schedule an initial consultation to see what would work best for your office? We can work with you over several weeks to prepare a custom sustainability initiative. Depending on your specific goals, this written initiative would contain attractive solutions to present to the equity partners, incorporate into management and implement into the staff.  Our expert will learn about your requirements, inventory, buying routines, employees needs, and building codes. Couple this with one of our presentations or hands on workshops to get your staff educated and excited to shift the office culture to a more wholesome, sustainable environment.


We will analyze your inventory list and find truly sustainable alternatives within your budget to ensure you are not unknowingly contributing to the destruction of old growth rainforests, oceans, biodiversity and wildlife.  As sustainability becomes trendy, there is increased "greenwashing"  - we will make sure your business does not fall into this trap. As businesses, collectively we can change the demand with our dollar - let us help you get exercise your purchase power towards a regenerative future. 

Customized Inventory
+ Purchase Power
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The age of single-use plastic water bottles has expired.  Let us help you kick the bad habit, and modernize. We provide you with a water filter system of your choice, custom chic reusable water bottles with your logo for each employee and separate sets for conference rooms.  

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Shocked by the disturbing life cycle of single-use plastics?  We can customize Employee Zero-Waste Kits that include

utensil kit, straw (glass, aluminum or bamboo), water bottle, coffee or tea mug, tote bag for taking lunch to to-go and hand towels to reduce paper towel use.  We will also train your staff on benefits of reusing vs. single use so they will feel good participating. 

Empolyee Zero-Waste Kits

Is your office waste being separated and managed properly? Be part of the waste management revolution by properly recycling, upcycling, shredding confidential materials and composting food scraps into new soil for the City. 

Did you know food waste does not break down in landfills, rather it releases methane, which is a great contributor to the climate crises? These food scraps can be easily composted to re-noursih our land.  Start today.  

Waste Management

(Compost + Recycle)

Giving a Speech

Studies have shown that businesses who hold monthly non-work related team building meetings or presentations creates a more enjoyable work environment and increases productivity in the office. Gather your workforce for informative lectures about relevant sustainable lifestyles. Contact us to discuss different lecture topics and which would be best for your team.



Nurture your workforce.
Was it a stressful week for you and your team? It's important to be able to check out of work related thoughts & deeply relax your mind for a fresh productive outlook and creative solutions. How? Treat the entire office to a Soundbath. 


A sound bath is a form of meditation facilitated by ancient sounds, crystal bowls, gongs, and other instruments to create the sound vibrations that helps shift your brain into a deeply relaxed state of meditation, described as a “theta brainwave."

Sound Bath + Meditation sessions

DIY Macrame Flowerpot Hangers

Team building workshops bring people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities help people see each other in a different light and allow them to connect in a setting beyond work. These workshops help facilitate long term work relationships through fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions, processing and healthy community.  Contact us to discuss different workshop options that would be best for your staff.

Hands on Workshops for Team Building

Implementing environmentally friendly practices is becoming more and more essential for success in today’s event and meeting business. Sustainability has become increasingly important as an evaluation criterion for meeting planners, and businesses are often asked about their implementation of specific green initiatives as part of a bid. Businesses are finding that initiating sustainable practices is as good for the bottom line as it is for the planet.


In fact, a survey by the Natural Marketing Institute reported that 58 percent of U.S. consumers consider a company’s impact on the environment when making purchase or service retainment decisions and are more likely to do business with those that follow sustainable practices.